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God told me,


"I want to establish something that will stand
and not be destroyed!"

In a vision I was looking at a complex built of convex roofs made of silver.  The roofs overlapped each other and I knew the place was impenetrable. The entrance to the complex had two massive square shaped pillars, made of silver, on each side of the drive.  There was a deep design in both pillars, which I can not begin to draw for you. There were also silver objects containing designs around each base that seemed to be part of the pillars.

When God first dealt with me concerning The Hill He calls The Place, He gave me this vision and spoke these words to me: "I want to establish something that will stand and not be destroyed!" At the time I knew little of the symbolism of the vision, but through time God has brought some understanding.  Silver refers to the refining of the Saints and the protection that comes from being purged and refined.  The convex roofs represent "covenant." We must remember that God protects those who are in covenant with Him! The many convex roofs have to do with different areas of covenant.

The design on the pillars at the entrance lets anyone know, up front, that there is structure to how The Place operates and that the design is God's design.  This design has to do with being able to keep the enemy from destroying The Place and God's purposes for it, and more. One main thing being, the Lord's protection of His Beloved!

Entering the complex through pillars made of silver is, for one thing, may be related to one of the words God gave us when He first brought us together as a group.  It was revealed that these words are to be over the entrance of a building located northeast of the crosses on The Hill.  These words are, Enter By Faith Alone - Leave Your Old Doctrines Behind!

The Lord later told us The Place would be "multifaceted."

My Beloved 1929

God's Purposes

My Beloved 1929
One Place
Boot Camp


God's plan and purposes are revealed by His Spirit, here a little and there a little.
(Isaiah 28:10)

Each account gives an added perspective.


The Hill God Calls "The Place"
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